Dr. Kiran is a very adept psychiatrist. He is very quick in diagnosing the underlying issue and works out the feasible solution keeping in mind the welfare of the patient as well as the immediate family. I have been visiting the doctor for over a year now for the treatment of my mother. I can say with utmost certainty that I got my normal mother back with Dr. Kiran's medication and counselling. My mother travelled from hopelessness to hopeful journey very quickly with his guidance. He pays unwavering attention to the issues raised by the patient and asks the most important and relevant questions which not only help in his diagnosis but very much helps the patient in self-discovery and healing. There is no need for any second thoughts visiting Dr. Kiran for any psychiatric issue or even moderate persistent stress. He guides you in the most perfect way. Yes, as patients or caretakers there may be occasions where one may feel like talking more and giving more examples which may block both the patient's and doctor's time but be assured that Dr. Kiran has either diagnosed the issue or wants one to take some time to clear the mental cobwebs. Following his advice and medication religiously has helped not only my mother but our family as a whole. His treatment has restored the happiness and peace in our family and made us resilient enough to face issues. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Kiran.”

 Visited for Depression Treatment, Psychiatric Counselling

I diagnosed with OCD problem since childhood, because of that I am unable to concentrate for few minutes in a day and I will get unwanted negative thoughts throughout the day. I consulted with my friend. He changed my life in 3 months He is great psychiatrist and human being. He will understand all the problems of the patient and give perfect solution. He given back what I lost in 25 years of my lifetime. He is God for me. Thank you for giving rebirth for me”.

 Visited for Behaviour & Thought Problems

I have been visiting Dr. Kiran from last 1.5 years. I would recommend the doctor because: 1. Listens to our problems clearly and patiently 2. Doesn’t prescribe unnecessary medicines,keeps dosage and number of medicines minimum 3. Focuses on overall health including diet, exercises etc”.

 Visited for OCD Treatment

I have been seeing Dr Kiran from past 5 years. He is very patient and sensitive. He listens to the problem patiently, he gives enough time for you to express yourself, never tries to hurry up. He explains the condition and it's treatment appropriately. Also explains alternate treatment options. He has a very calm personality which makes u feel comfortable while discussing ur health problems. I highly recommend him for any kind of emotional or psychological issues.

 Visited for MOOD disorder

Dr. Kiran Kumar is a very experienced professional. He is very friendly, honest and co-operative. He has ownership of the medical problems you have. He is simply the best psychiatrist”.

Visited for BPAD 

Dr. Kiran’s treatment has been the best. I was able to recover very quickly with just one medicine and the advices he gave. The Best is that he explains the whole treatment with you with all the academics and experience he has had”.

 Visited for Panic Disorder Treatment

He is very cool and having very good diagnostic skill set. Very Logical and practical approach in order to address the issue which is very much needed in Psychological issues”.

 Visited for Anger Control

Professional Dr with good experience and approach. My parents are happy to revisit and seeing a difference in health. Provides adequate direction”.

Visited for Abnormal, Unusual, Strange Behavior  

Best doctor I have visited so far for anxiety. He is so peaceful and calm looking that your illness will half subside when you meet him”.

Visited for Anxiety Disorders Treatment  

I have been in touch with the doctor for little less than a year and he has been excellent consultant. Gives you time, explain issues and treatment plan”.

Visited for Anxiety And Depression  

Dr. Kiran Kumar sir is a friendly doctor. He explains about our problem nicely and guides us how to handle it for better tomorrow. thanking you all I can say he is the best doctor”.

Visited for Schizophrenia Treatment, Anxiety And Depression  

One of the best Psychiatrist in the Locality. I would recommend Dr. Kiran to anyone who needs help with mind problems. He explains the disorder along with a good explanation of the course of the medication”.

Visited for Grief Counselling 

First of all, Dr Kiran Sir a great Human Being, he always looks at the root cause of the problem that is what is amazing about him. No unnecessary tests or scans… Appropriate treatment. I must say our society is blessed to get such a wonderful Doctor. So patiently listens to patients’ issues, amazing. I strongly recommend Dr Kiran Sir at Nirvana Center with issues in Stress, Anxieties”.

 Visited for Memory Improvement

Visited for Memory Improvement

Visited for Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Visited for Anxiety Disorders Treatment

I am happy about doctor’s way of treatment, patience and friendliness. He is listening to patient cautiously and taking required info from patient properly

Visited for Anxiety Disorders Treatment